Seed of Amaranth

What does it take to be a hero, and at what cost?

In the irradiated kingdom of Amantia, six characters struggle with this question, bringing them into conflict and unexpected friendships with each other.
A dreamer, burning with passion. 
A hero, living life to its fullest.
A protector, treasuring his one true love.
A victim, an unfortunate soul tortured by fate.
A mystery, hiding behind a coy smile.
A beginning, searching for answers.
How will these roles define them? How will their choices change them?


“Seed of Amaranth” is our first visual novel! We created it to explore common fantasy tropes, and how brutal some of the ideas seen in modern stories would be in a realistic story.


In this visual novel, we play with narration and the idea of what a story requires. There are six narrators, and no villains. Instead, each character has their own journey, and their own mistakes, which can cast them as the villain for others, and a hero to some. In the end, everyone, no matter who they are, is just a person, and all they can do is live with the consequences of their choices.


If this sounds interesting to you, be sure to check it out over on Steam! You can also learn more about the story by checking out our character pages, and reading more about the world on Amantia. We also run a developer blog on this website that is filled with stories and fun facts about the creation of the game and the characters in it!