Trivia with Veritenze: The World of Amantia (Part 2)

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In our second round of trivia, we’re going to focus on the world of “Seed of Amaranth!” From its beasts to its continents, we’ll be sharing facts and background details on everything that makes up this setting.


As always, it is recommended to fully play through “Seed of Amaranth” before reading this trivia, as Seed is meant to be played with no prior knowledge. While this post won’t contain any direct spoilers, there’s no telling how your experience may change!


1 | The Four Continents

While “Seed of Amaranth” takes place in the Kingdom and continent of Amantia, there are three other landmasses that make up its world. Amantia is the largest, and hypothesized to be the most irradiated. It shares a border with Nadria to the east, which has led to rising tensions. Things may be calm, but war is on the horizon. Tenunum lies beyond it, doing its best to stay out of the pending conflict. This isolationist policy is maintained with help from natural water spouts that deter invasions. Meanwhile, the distant continent of Fontania waits to the south. Little is known about this strange land.


2 | The Automata

These mechanized creatures roam the Frontier, carrying out their ancient orders. They are relics from before the apocalypse, created for an unknown purpose. After centuries of wear and tear, most are corroded and broken down, but the more robust ones are still extremely dangerous. They are usually territorial, sticking to a certain region or ruin. Some of the most dangerous tend to be made of a strange black metal, the exact nature of which remains unknown.


3 | The Ancients

“Ancients” denote creatures so powerful and old that they predate the apocalypse. These species have survived cataclysms in the past without changing or mutating.

The most famous among these are the Anubis, a race of giant jackal-men who are often the object of cult worship due to their wisdom and might. They are said to be tied to the land, allowing them to manipulate the elements around them.

While rare to the point of being considered mythical, the Fjallnera are very much real. While they can usually blend into human society, these colorful humanoids have one telling trait: they reincarnate upon death, keeping all of their previous knowledge and experience. Their society is based around ideas of bravery and skill, with thieves and conquerors being idolized above all others. A legendary pirate is expected to forfeit all of their earnings on death, challenging them on reincarnating to rise to even greater heights.

Finally, the Titanopanda are a well known but isolated race. Taking a form similar to giant pandas, but many times the size, they stay far away from human society. They are extremely intelligent and wise, something that can be seen in the giant, complicated structures they live in. A single complex can often hold over fifty of these creatures, using nothing more than bamboo and a strange fire-resistant material.


4 | The Beasts

While the Ancients got through the apocalypse intact, beasts have been warped and twisted by it. Many new species have evolved to survive in the Frontier, adapting to negate or even harness the radiation around them.

Sephies were first introduced to the Frontier by mankind. Their ability to adapt was put to use, resulting in the birth of several different breeds. These horse-sized birds are often used for cargo and transport.

The detra are plated animals that resemble dinosaurs. These animals are speculated to have once resembled rhinoceros, but have since grown massive suits of plate armor that hide away their bodies. While herbivorous, their aggression has prevented attempts to domesticate them.

Nova wolves are just one of the radiation-fueled predators that call the Frontier their home. While naturally suited to live off of light and heat, the prevalence of radiation has led some of these creatures to grow to monstrous sizes, with the largest standing taller than a fully grown man. While they don’t need to eat to survive, they have come to rely on the concentration of radiation in sephies and feroraptors as a quick source of energy.


5 | Flying Squid

The flying squid is one of Amantia’s most strange and dangerous creatures. These enormous specter-like creatures live in the upper atmosphere, where they survive using photosynthesis. While normally passive, they are uniquely dangerous when provoked. From head to tip of tentacle, these creatures tend to be over a kilometer in length.

The flying squid has the honor of being on of the few creatures the bounty hunter Merodach truly fears. As a teenager, he once took a bounty to kill a rogue adolescent that had wandered too close to the capital. The fight nearly killed him.

Mero is also afraid of ghosts.


6 | Desert Hare Recipe

Malia is an adept cook. Due to her upbringing, she has learned how to maximize flavor and nutrition using cheap and ready ingredients. After spending time in the Frontier, she has developed a recipe on how to best prepare the rabbits found there.

  • 1 desert hare
  • 1 diced potato
  • At least 4 carrots
  • 1 large snapweed
  • 2 de-radiated onions
  • 5 bic eggshells
  • Water to cover

After browning the hare over a campfire, throw it all in a pot and boil until ready!


7 | The Draconids

While true dragons existed before the apocalypse, this disaster allowed many variations and breeds to rise to prominence.

A true dragon is a massive threat, able to dwarf most buildings. They are accordingly very rare, and wise enough to avoid large human settlements. While they lack the means to speak, it has been noted on numerous occasions that they are perfectly capable of understanding spoken language. Only one man has ever ridden a true dragon, and he was famously partners with his dragon, not its master.

Drakes take the opposite role: these small draconids are plentiful and small. While temperamental, they are commonly tamed for military use. The standing army of Amantia employs a large drake cavalry best known for their speed.

While rare, Chimaera are a noted threat. These draconids live within storm systems, feeding off of the lightning found there. While considered to be draconids, they are actually mammals resembling panthers. With the body of a panther and the mane of a great lion, they earn the title “draconid” from their massive scaled limbs and wings. While smaller than true dragons, their relative lack of intelligence brings them into conflict with humans far more often.


8 | Insects and Flora

In the Frontier, knowing the difference between bugs and plants is a matter of life and death. Mimicry is a highly effective tactic, allowing swarms of featherwings to disguise themselves as a field of grass, waiting until their prey is truly surrounded. Then, each blade of grass will rise up, straightening its exoskeleton to form a small blade.  Mimicry is also employed by the rokks, large crabs that use stones as shelter. As they grow, they seek out larger rocks to hollow out, while the existing rock becomes soft and sensitive as it is slowly lined with neurons. A variant of featherwings, the rosenrosera can often prove to be a deadlier threat. They form small groups, resembling a flower patch, and emit noxious gases to deter predators. But if anything finds itself in the middle of the patch, the dosage will prove deadly.


9 | Viscotto
The viscotto tree is an extremely fickle and rare variant of apple trees. Their apples are praised above all others, especially when used for wine. They only grow fruit every ten years, restricting their availability to the richest of the rich. It is rumored that these spirits are the favorite of the current queen, Amithra.


10 | Sephies

Sephies are giant birds that are used for transportation of people and goods, as well are warfare. These were originally created in the old world, through genetic manipulation performed on something called a “hummingbird.” Like their ancestors, sephies fly by rapidly moving their wings. Unlike hummingbirds, they have seven wings and eat meat. Sephies also have the unique ability to absorb radiation from their surroundings, which was been put to use trying to clean up the Frontier.

While most sephies are of the common breed, there are several varieties that are suited to different tasks. Mugens are massive, stocky creatures with an unrivaled ability to process radiation. They are usually used by the military, equipping them with metal masks to control the massive blasts of radiation they can release from their mouths. Racing sephies are lightweight, but no less powerful than their common cousins. These sephies are rare and coveted by the rich, both for their value in gambling races, and for their brilliant rainbow plumage.

The bounty hunter Merodach has one such racing sephie, a female named Remi. A reward for a bounty well done, she has grown to be one of the better racers in Amantia, more than earning her keep. Mero cares about her more than anything, and he wears a pendant of her feathers to remember her by when he is away.