Trivia with Veritenze: Seed of Amaranth (Part 1)

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In this segment, we’re going to periodically post interesting facts and stories about our games. If you have any requests for topics, be sure to send them our way! With that said, let’s get on with our first round of trivia.


Please be aware that these posts will contain spoilers for “Seed of Amaranth.” Amaranth is intended to be played first, with no prior knowledge needed. While we will avoid giving away major plot points, simply mentioning information about some characters can alter a player’s first experience. It is highly recommended that you experience the full game before reading these posts.


1 | Vale’s Original Power

Originally, Vale’s artifact was going to give her the ability to move in parallel to the world. She would step into another version of the world, one without people, allowing her to get around without interruptions. As the story progressed, she would discover more “creative” ways to use it, such as reappearing with her fist piercing someone’s heart. This was ultimately given up in favor of a more sinister and creepy ability, the one seen in the final game.


2 | Original Names

Of the main protagonists, only Vale has maintained her original name (although the full version was Shadow Vale)! “Seed of Amaranth” is the end result of over 10 years of storytelling between us, which has led to many changes in the cast over time. Malia’s original name was just “Heartbreak,” Amithra was Angelina, and Mero and Bel had very different names that will be revealed when we write a detailed post on the original T/S story!


3 | Home Design

The design for Malia and Vale’s house was largely improvised by our character artist Peter. He drew inspiration from traditional Indian architecture and shanty towns. The room features jali walls, slits in the wall that allow light to enter and heat to exit. The home also contains a roof channel, a hole that allows rainwater to enter in a controlled manner, providing access to even the poorest of citizens.


4 | Technological Disparity

It’s no secret that Amantia is home to enormous economic disparity. However, some of the key details are only show in our backgrounds! As shown in our slum ruins and houses, fire is a major source of heat and light for the kingdom’s poor. Meanwhile, our high-end interiors contain light bulbs and neon panels! As a post-apocalyptic civilization, Amantia has access to advanced technologies, some even beyond what we have in the real world. However, these technologies are rare and education is scarce, so they are only seen in wealthy areas.


5 | The Old World

Amaranth takes place in a world that was always different from our own. Monsters like dragons and chimaera exist, as well as our own original creations such as the nova wolves. Some of these got through the apocalypse intact, while others mutated into strange new forms. While not much is known about the civilization that pre-dates Amantia, there is no denying that it was a technological paradise, relying on sciences we can scarcely imagine. We designed this world to be a unique and interesting mesh between fantasy and sci-fi, allowing us to carry these elements through to the story of “Seed of Amaranth.”


6 | Pets

Dogs and cats were preserved alongside humanity, and resurfaced with them to resume their place in people’s homes. While they are rare in all parts of the kingdom, it is common for the elites of the Inner Ring to show them off as status symbols. Contrarily, feral dogs and stray cats can sometimes be spotted in the Outer Ring. Mero once bonded with a particularly friendly cat he called Zenny.


7 | Triscellion Colors

The triscellion is a common icon seen throughout Amantia (most prominently in Amithra’s bedroom and a certain underground chamber). This is the symbol of the Veritenze family, as chosen by its founder. Its colors are royal purple, turquoise, and a dull red. While purple was chosen for the royal family and turquoise for the kingdom, the red was something just for them, the founder and her love.


8 | Ancient Origins

Many names and architectural details come from ancient cultures, such as Babylonia and Sumerian. This was done to invoke a feeling of ancientness, representing the presence of the world before the apocalypse, and also the feeling of birth, of a new civilization coming into existence. Merodach is one alternate name of the Mesopotamian god Marduk. Ironically, the fact that the full name is Bel-Merodach is a complete coincidence!


9 | Nap Time

Anyone who’s read through “Seed of Amaranth” will know that Mero has a habit of taking naps in odd places. This is due to the combined impact of both his childhood, and his current power. As a child growing up on the streets, he and Bel rarely had a consistent place to sleep. They had to learn to sleep when and where they could, with one standing guard. As Mero aged, his powers grew and he came to trust in his own strength. Now, he would laugh at the idea of needing a guard, as he (rightfully) believes no one could harm him.


10 | Veritenze

Development is not strictly linear, and that can lead to some misconceptions. Veritenze, the royal family of Amantia, is not named after our company! In fact, the company is not named after the royal family either. Instead, Veritenze is something special, an idea that will only be understood over time.